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Japanese slang terms used in daily life (Part II)

If you checked Part 1 of our list of Japanese slang terms and you are still eager for more Japanese expressions to say to your friends (and not so firneds, maybe) don't miss the following surprising ways this strict language has bend!

nani utenN

Nani utten no? - 何売ってんの – This bit of slang is something you also do not want to hear directed at you in a Japanese conversation.  It means “what the hell are you saying?” Nanpa - ナンパ – This slang term can be flattering or insulting depending on the character of the person it is directed towards. It means flirt, scammer, skirt chaser, etc.


Oi  - オイ – This is a highly informal way in the Japanese culture to get someone’s attention. A lot like the English version of, “Hey!” - But even less polite. Osu - オス – This is an informal way of greeting someone in Japanese, normally used between good friends.


Rakki - ラッキ – This is a way of saying “lucky” in Japanese, it can also be an expression of happiness, a very prosperous phrase. Ryoukai -了解 – This is a very militaristic Japanese way of saying “I understand” and is like saying “Roger!” or “Got it!” in English.


Shimatta -しまった – This is the Japanese slang term for “Damn it.” Sugoi - すごい – This is a popular Japanese colloquialism meaning “really good,” which is another equivalent to the fashionable English word “cool.”


Temee - 手前 – This is a very rude way to say “you “in Japanese, it has a confrontational air to it that is culturally disrespectful.


Urusai - うるさい – This term means “loud noise,” but it can also be used to say “be quiet,” or “shut up” depending on its intonation. Uze - うぜ – This phrase refers to someone or something that is “annoying” or “bothersome, “such as the English word pest when referring to a person.


Wagamama - わがまま – This is the casual term for someone who is spoiled or selfish.


Yabei - ヤベイ- An exclamatory phrase for something that is really great, like an exclamation one would make after tasting something incredibly delicious. Yaro  - やろ – This is a highly confrontational and insulting Japanese slang term. It is the equivalent of calling someone a Bastard or worse.


Zettai - 絶対 - This is a very prevalent word for saying “definitely,” or “absolutely.” Zurui -ずるい – This word is an adjective used in a negative way to describe someone who is “sneaky,” or is perceived to be “playing dirty.”