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4 good reasons to learn Spanish in Guanajuato

Want to really get to grips with your Spanish? There is no better way to pick up a language than to immerse yourself in it. And with twenty countries in the world which speak Spanish as an official language, you are spoilt for choice about where to go! What about Mexico? What about the beautiful Mexican city of Guanajuato as the place you really improve your Spanish? Here are some great reasons to learn Spanish in Guanajuato



The perfect place to start your Spanish adventures

Since living in Guanajuato will be a considerably different experience than just visiting the city, you are going to be exposed to a wider range of accents. If you want to get out and about in your area for the duration of your stay, you will have to quickly get to grips with all the styles of Spanish you are hearing so you can buy groceries, order drinks, and so on! Why is this good? Well, once your ear is tuned in to understanding Spanish from everywhere, think about all the places you can more confidently explore? If you decide to travel throughout the rest of South America, for example, your time in Guanajuato will have perfectly prepared you to deal with Spanish accents from all over! Start out in Mexico then work your way down the coast through Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and beyond, safe in the knowledge you will understand the Spanish spoken wherever you go!


Guanajuato: a historical city with lots to offer!

Guanajuato is in central Mexico, and home to several important historical cities along the so-called Bicentennial Route. It is the place where the campaign for independence for Mexico really began, and also where the movement for independence claimed its first victory. So if you are a history buff, you will have plenty of things to keep you occupied when you aren’t studying, where you can put your newly-learned Spanish into practice. Whether you choose to explore some of the original silver mines set up by the Spanish during colonial times, or want to learn about Guanajuato’s very own tragic love story in the Alley of the Kiss, there is history a-plenty to keep you occupied!


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Learn Spanish while out and about in Guanajuato

Don’t be mistaken for thinking because Guanajuato is a historical place, that it isn’t also a vibrant one. For starters, the city is kept young thanks to its renowned university, attracting students from throughout Mexico and from overseas. Whether you join a walking tour to explore the basilica and churches of the city with your classmates so you can practice your Spanish together, or spend the night unwinding after lessons in the Jardin Union in a restaurant while Mariachi bands or students perform to keep patrons entertained, there is something amazing to experience. Your tutors will have recommendations for things to do if you aren’t sure where to go, and your school might even organize events so you can try out your Spanish before you start speaking with the locals. You will be spoilt for choice for things to do in Guanajuato!


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The cost of living is budget-friendly!

One of the most important things to consider when you are looking to study Spanish abroad is the cost of living in the place you will be. Your experience will be far better for having a budget that covers decent food and accommodation than if you go unprepared. So to get you started thinking, here are some numbers to help you out. The exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Mexican peso is just under 20 pesos to one dollar. According to Expatistan, the cost of living in Mexico is 67 percent cheaper than New York, 58 percent cheaper than Los Angeles, and 56 percent cheaper than Chicago. Numbeo, meanwhile, tells us that a small bottle of water will cost you about ten pesos, a small beer, 30 pesos, a monthly travel pass just under 200 pesos, and a single-occupancy apartment about 5,300 pesos a month. You can of course dramatically reduce your accommodation costs by sharing; perhaps with another student, or even staying with a host family. The choice is yours! Though sharing will guarantee you even more Spanish practice!

Want to know more about the possibilities of studying Spanish in Guanajuato? We can help! Our experts at Language Abroad can help you find the perfect place to study and give all the advice you need. Visit the Language Abroad website to see what we can do for you.