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Ever wondered how the folks in Michigan talk? Professor Richard Bailey of the University of Michigan is here to help you out:

Now Michigan English is not all one thing, but there are surprising differences between the English used here and what you encounter in Ft. Wayne or London, Ontario, or Green Bay. We need to talk about probabilities. So if you say dennist for “dentist” or pellow for “pillow,” you are likely to be from here. If Trevor’s City and Traverse City sound pretty much the same, you’re probably a Michigander (and probably young and female too). If you say mango for “green pepper” or “bell pepper,” you’re probably from Ft. Wayne. If you say pickerel for “walleye,” you’re probably from Ontario. If you think a really big bottle of beer is a “picnic”, you’re probably from Green Bay. (Source: Michigan Today)

For more differences, take a look at the full article.