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Mmmm, delicious!

What does the word haggis conjure in your mind? How about jellied eels?

It’s fair to say that British food isn’t renowned for its culinary excellence. In comparison to our European neighbours, the British look pretty badly off, food-wise. But give some of our traditional dishes a chance, and you might be surprised!

BBC America has taken a look at the food behind the notorious words, and explained exactly why you should give haggis a go:

Blah blah blah “they cook it in a sheep’s stomach” blah blah “it’s just minced offal and oats” blah blah. Shut up. You have no reason to criticize how haggis is made (they don’t do the sheep’s stomach thing any more, by the way) and refuse to even try it unless you a) don’t drink milk because of where it comes from, b) don’t eat eggs because of what they are and where they come from and c) are any form of vegetarian or vegan. Yes, the recipe for haggis makes it sound gross, but you know what? It’s not. It’s lovely. It tastes like the best, pepperiest meatloaf you’ve ever eaten, and goes perfectly with some mashed potato, and mashed turnips (or swede) and lots of gravy.

What other British foods (and words) do you think are misunderstood?