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Omnishambles named Word of the Year

It seems to get earlier every year…

The Oxford English Dictionary has named its word of the year – omnishambles. Its meaning is “a situation which is shambolic from every possible angle” and derives from a British TV show called The Thick of It.

Other shortlisted words include:

Games maker
Second screening

Fiona McPherson, one of the lexicographers on the judging panel, said: “It was a word everyone liked, which seemed to sum up so many of the events over the last 366 days in a beautiful way.

“It’s funny, it’s quirky, and it has broken free of its fictional political beginnings, firstly by spilling over into real politics, and then into other contexts.

“If influence is any indication of staying power, it has already staked its claim by being linguistically productive in its own right, producing a number of related coinages.

“While many of them are probably humorous one-offs, their very existence shows that the omnishambles itself has entered at least the familiar parlance, if not quite the common parlance.” (Source: BBC News)

I wonder how long it will be until a US politician uses the word?

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