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Online ASL dictionary

Are you learning American Sign Language? Need a way to learn new words and phrases outside of the classroom?

Signing Savvy may well be the solution. Founded in 2009 by John Miller, a former teacher of deaf and hard of hearing children, the website is a video database of American Sign Language. The site is constantly growing and currently has over 7,000 videos of words and phrases.

Signing Savvy’s website features videos with Miller himself, aka “The Guy in the Blue Shirt,” acting out each of signs. In comparison to the static images from books of sign language education’s past, these videos help teach the exact hand movements, as well as body and facial interaction, that are associated with a word. The website is used by educators, parents of deaf children, students, or anyone wanting to learn American Sign Language. The site allows members to build and share lists of words, create phrases and print images for posters, quizzes or flashcards. (Source: Huffington Post)

What a great resource!