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Oops. Mexico Vs Cameroon #WorldCup #Google #Doodle has Ghana’s Flag

GoogleGoogle’s Doodle for the Mexico Vs Cameroon World Cup match unfortunately has the wrong flag! The two O’s in Google intend to portray Mexico (in a mexican wrestling mask) facing off against Cameroon sporting its national flag. Except the problem is the second O wears Ghana’s colors!

Mexico Vs Cameroon, No Wait, Ghana?

Mexico Vs Cameroon Google Doodle
When you click through the doodle you can actually see that Cameroon’s flag is very similar… but different!

Mexico vs Cameroon - Google Search

Ghana’s flag is horizontal with stripes and a black star on the yellow background, whereas Cameroon’s flag has vertical stripes with a yellow star on a red background.

Ghana’s Flag

ghana flag - Google Search

Cameroon’s Flag

cameroon flag - Google Search

Don’t Worry Google, We Fixed it For You!

Hey, at least Google is enjoying the World Cup as much as we are!

Update: They fixed it. Fast work; high five!
Google Fixed Their Cameroon Flag World Cup Doodle

As SearchEngineLand spotted, Google’s Doodlers also made a very “punny” apology for the mix-up.

All’s well that ends well!


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