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Cracking the Uncrackable: The Voynich Manuscript

Do you like puzzles? Are you a master at finding patterns? How are your cryptography skills? Confused as to why we’re asking you this? Tired of questions? Take a look at the picture above. Really, take a look at it. Click on it to zoom in on it (or use CTRL + or -). Give(…)

4 ‘Dead’ Languages You Should be Learning

 With such a diversity of languages around the world, it’s easy to forget that a few centuries, or many centuries, ago everything was very different. There are an estimated 7,000 languages spoken today – that’s an overwhelming thought, without taking into account everyone who came before us. Below are some late, great languages that had(…)

Ancient language discovered in Turkey

An ancient language which could shed light on some of history’s first ‘barbarians’ has been discovered on clay tablets in Turkey. Archaeologists excavating the site of an Assyrian imperial governors’ palace in the city of Tusha uncovered the tablets, which reveal the names of 60 women. When studied in detail, archaeologists realised the names didn’t(…)