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6 Top Hostels in Ecuador –Ready to Welcome You With Open Arms (and a Comfy Bed!)


In many aspects, Ecuador is a backpacker’s dream. This is one of the countries in Latin America where you’ll be able to put your skills in thriftiness to good use and can make your dollar go far. In fact, you will literally be using dollars while vacationing in Ecuador–they dropped the native sucre and made(…)

3 Stunning Latin American Destinations for Budget Travelers


When most people hear the phrase “vacationing abroad” thoughts of endless spending come to mind. But traveling outside U.S. borders doesn’t have to be a budget-busting experience. In fact, if you take a smart approach in your planning and in your day-to-day spending, travel in Latin America can be much more affordable than you probably(…)

4 Places You Simply Have to See While Traveling in Ecuador


Ecuador is a charming country that has been able to attract a healthy stream of tourists, yet is not nearly as crowded as its better-known neighbors. Many visitors go simply to visit the famous Galápagos Islands, missing the sights and sounds of mainland Ecuador. And while every world traveler should visit the land that inspired(…)