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A history of English in 10 minutes!

It may not sound possible, but the history of English has been encapsulated in 10 short videos totalling 10 minutes. Created by The Open University, the videos span time from Anglo-Saxon English to modern-day Global English. The entire collection of videos is linked here. I particularly like the illustrations used in The Age of the(…)

Words shaping the English language

An interesting blog post at the Washington Post looks at the five words shaping our future. Jonathon Keats proposes that “words occasionally anticipate the reality they come to reflect”, particularly now in our technological society. The words he thinks we will be using more in the future are mostly combinations of other words, for example(…)

Global English

Earlier this month I posted about a debate in The Economist over whether the English-speaking world should adopt American English. Some people who commented on the debate pointed out that no single group of people controls the English language – like all languages it is constantly in motion and changing, depending on who uses is(…)