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Hostels Around the World with Major History


The hostel experience can’t be described in just a few words. There is such a huge variety of hostels around the world that you can find just about any type of environment imaginable, from clean and minimalistic to cozy and crowded. And if you’re looking for the kind of accommodations that you’ll remember for years(…)

4 of the Most Unique Hostels Around the World


Anyone who’s a budget traveler knows that one of the best ways to save money while out exploring the world is to stay at hostels instead of pricier hotels. If you haven’t yet tried staying at a hostel because you’re afraid they’re dirty or don’t like the idea of sharing space with strangers, it’s time(…)

6 Top Hostels in Ecuador –Ready to Welcome You With Open Arms (and a Comfy Bed!)


In many aspects, Ecuador is a backpacker’s dream. This is one of the countries in Latin America where you’ll be able to put your skills in thriftiness to good use and can make your dollar go far. In fact, you will literally be using dollars while vacationing in Ecuador–they dropped the native sucre and made(…)

4 Hostels to Consider for Your Paris Vacation


Few people think of Paris as a budget-friendly vacation destination, so any chance to save a few dollars is welcomed by travelers. Luckily, hostels are sprinkled throughout the city and offer vacationers the opportunity to stick to a budget (because, let’s face it–wouldn’t you rather spend that extra money at a wine bar?). Here are(…)

Budget-Friendly Places to Stay in St. Petersburg, Russia


St. Petersburg is a perfect destination for history lovers, Russian language enthusiasts, and really anyone looking to explore one of the most beautiful cities ever written about. If you’re planning on staying in St. Petersburg but find yourself wanting to keep costs low, check out our list of cheaper places to stay that will let you(…)

The Top 3 Hostels for a Budget Stay in Osaka, Japan


Osaka is an amazing city, and with much to see and do while you’re there you might be worried about a place to stay. While accommodation probably won’t be the most expensive part of your trip it will be a good chunk of your budget, with cheaper places starting around 18 USD in the off season.(…)

Italy on a Budget: Top 5 Hostels For a Great Night’s Sleep


Incredible food. Stunning architecture. Friendly people. All of these are likely to come to mind when you think about some of the highlights of an Italian vacation. But the one thing you probably won’t look forward to is footing the bill for decent accommodations. Do yourself a favor and check into these hostels if you’re(…)

5 Hostels in Spain That Deserve Your Hard-Earned Dollar


Traveling in Spain is notoriously expensive. If you’re planning a vacation there, you may find yourself looking for ways to save a few Euros along the way. Among your options, I’d urge you to consider looking at hostels as opposed to traditional hotels. Hostels in Spain have earned a reputation as being more stylish, well(…)

4 Not-to-Miss Hostels While Vacationing in Peru


From the depths of the Amazon to the magical Incan ruins at Machu Picchu, Peru offers visitors just about every type of adventure you could imagine. Allow me to be so bold as to say that if you’re planning a trip there, you are in for memorable vacation that will rival any other you take(…)