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Indigenous Tweets – now with Indigenous Blogs!

A few months ago, I posted about Indigenous Tweets, a site that tracks 82 languages. The site recently celebrated turning six months old with the launch of a new service tracking blogs written in indigenous languages. Currently it only tracks blog posts on Blogger but plans are afoot to also track other popular blog services.(…)

Cherokee language now searchable with Google

In good news for Native American languages, Google has made Cherokee a “searchable” language. Although Google won’t translate Cherokee websites into English or English websites into Cherokee, content written in Cherokee can now be found using the search engine. An on-screen keyboard will allow characters to be typed in the Cherokee alphabet, known as the(…)

Is ASL a foreign language?

There is debate in colleges across America about the status of American Sign Language, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune. Whilst some view it is a foreign language, and thus available for college credit, others argue that an indigenous language cannot by definition be ‘foreign’. ASL has origins in Old French Sign Language,(…)