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Selective hearing

I’ve often been accused of having selective hearing, particularly when it comes to being asked to do things I’d rather not do. Scientists have now explained how selective hearing works – the real kind though, not the type I practice! Selective hearing is the way in which people can tune out a noisy environment and(…)

Want to make your brain grow? Read this!

Clever people are often said to have a ‘big’ brain – but one brain is surely no bigger than another. A study from the University of Hong Kong has shown that you can add grey matter however – through ‘child-like’ learning. The research participants were shown different coloured cards, each of which was given a(…)

How do babies process language?

Just like adults, according to new research. Scientists from the University of California, San Diego, have shown that babies process language in the same way as adults and can understand many words adults are saying. It was previously thought that infants evolved into processing language like adults, starting out with an entirely different mechanism of(…)