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Language Learning: If Gestures Could Talk


Are you a hand-speaker? Do you punctuate your sentences with wide, sweeping arm gestures, or sharp hand cuts through the air signaling an end of subject? Then maybe this will, uh, speak to you! Gesticulating In truth, a lot of us gesture when we speak. Watching someone get flustered with their argument or passionate about(…)

The Secret Language of the Medical World


Doctors, nurses and various other medical staff: I love them. Not only do they do things I could never dream of being able to do, they also have their very own language. You would probably recognise some of the many abbreviations and slang words designed to avoid constant use of lengthy medical terms. What you(…)

Speak up!

Some people are well-rounded in their language learning. Others have problems with certain areas. I fall into the latter category. Whilst I have generally been good at reading and writing in my target language, speaking and listening come less easily to me. Part of this is shyness and part is not wanting to be wrong!(…)