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Facebook Translate

According to Lifehacker, a new Facebook feature allows you to translate posts and comments on Facebook pages. The “translate” link is shown when a comment is made in a different language. It’s placed right next to the “share” and “like” links. Whilst the service is currently only available on Facebook pages, there are plans to(…)

Dictionary prize

High school students in Oklahoma can win up to $1,000 for writing a ‘mini-dictionary’ about their school, reports NewsOK. Sponsored by Oklahoma University’s Institute of US-China Issues, the Newman Young Writer’s Award offers prizes for a single or co-authored submission of a “mini-dictionary/encyclopaedia”. The entries must reflect the character of the school, and “can explore(…)

Speak up!

Some people are well-rounded in their language learning. Others have problems with certain areas. I fall into the latter category. Whilst I have generally been good at reading and writing in my target language, speaking and listening come less easily to me. Part of this is shyness and part is not wanting to be wrong!(…)