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What is ‘Feminism’ And Why is it the 2017 WOTY?


Feminism has been named the WOTY (word of the year) for 2017 by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and you probably won’t have too hard a time guessing why. Feminism has been huge in the last year, especially with the downfall of powerful figures like Harvey Weinstein, the rise of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, and the(…)

Words of the year.. from other countries

Yep, it’s not just the Merriam-Webster people who get to decide on a word of the year – other countries have their own version. My favourite from this round-up by Mental Floss is: 8. Ogooglebar, Swedish Instead of picking one word of the year, the Swedes, in their egalitarian way, make a list of all(…)

Buzzwords of 2011

2011 has been a very eventful year, and it’s reflected in Time magazine’s Top 10 buzzwords of the year. Their number one word is “occupy”, with this summation: In 2011, occupy became this generation’s sit-in, a word connoting peaceful but uncompromising objections to the status quo. The other words that made it into their top five are:(…)

Word of the Year 2011

The US and UK have agreed on something – the Word of the Year 2011! So what’s the word? Squeezed middle. Americans may be unfamiliar with this term, used by the British Labour Party’s leader Ed Miliband. It describes “those seen as bearing the brunt of government tax burdens while having the least with which(…)

Word of the Year

As we stumble to the end of another year, the first of a new decade, it’s time for the annual round of Word of the Year lists. There are many floating around, but I like this one from the New York Times as the words are organised into handy categories, from the economy to pop(…)

Palin’s word of the year

Politics? Pah! She’s got her own TV show, and now Sarah Palin has something else to add to her resume: Coiner of a word of the year. Last summer Palin posted a Twitter message including the non-word “refudiate”. Critics were quick to jump on this and ask if perhaps she meant something else. Now the(…)