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Article, Listicle, or Blog?


No, this isn’t the first in a series of twenty questions, it’s an inquiry into how we prefer to read news and digest other printed media while surfing the Internet. Since the way we use the internet can say a lot about us, let’s look at the good, the bad, and the ugly for three(…)

More punctuation

I recently posted a great infographic about the ampersand. If you’re interested in punctuation, you’ll appreciate another article I found on 14 punctuation marks “you never knew existed”! My favourite is probably the interrobang, as I’ve discussed previously. But I also really like the guillemets (<< >>), which are used in non-English languages as quotation(…)

Howdy folks!

The title of the post is very informal – “howdy folks” is a greeting you would perhaps use to a group of friends and family. According to the Wall Street Journal, using “dear” as a salutation is going the way of the dodo. Many people feel it is too familiar, seemingly taking “dear” in it’s(…)