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Thailand Tourists: 5 Things Not to Leave Home Without!

Whether it’s Bangkok for action packed, traffic-filled adventures or Koh Tao for a more serene, meditative holiday, Thailand has what you need. The fresh fruit, lovely people, and beautiful beaches make it easy to understand why Thailand is nicknamed ‘the land of smiles’. Backpackers and 4 star hotel enthusiasts will both find exactly what they want to whet their whistle in Thailand. We’ve compiled a list of things that might be tricky to find once you’re there, and should come in handy for your trip.



As with most Asian countries, the deodorant you’ll find in Thailand will be pricy, and will have whitening in it. This is something to note in the majority of skin products you will find in Thailand; always check for whitening ingredients, which you will also probably find in the sunscreen and in a lot of bodywashes.


Packing condoms definitely depends on your personal needs on this trip. Based on preferences you may not be able to find the correct size or brand you desire. The largest size regularly available is 46mm and while you can find upwards to 56mm available it may take some searching. Many men have also reported issues with breakages and ripping with condoms in Thailand, perhaps due to issues like latex breakdown through poor storage or size issues. It’s helpful to note as well, that Thailand is still struggling in some respects with HIV/AIDS, so if you’re particular about your condom choices, stock up before you arrive.

3. Tampons

Again like in a lot of southeast Asian countries, tampons are hard to find and are often expensive when you do find them.  It’s not for everyone, but depending on what your plans are during your stay, a diva cup or similar product might also be a good investment.

4. Non-beach wear:

It’s hot in Thailand. No one will dispute that. Naturally you want to wear as little as possible. Please keep in mind that Thailand is a more conservative country in terms of dress, and that long pants and skirts (light ones!) and shirts that cover your shoulders will be incredibly beneficial for your trip. Generally it is considered quite rude to dress immodestly in Thailand, and most Thai people are too polite to tell you. The general custom and manner in Thailand is to dress respectfully, which in this case means conservatively or covered up. This is especially true if you plan on visiting any temples. Dress codes in most (if not all) temples include covered legs and shoulders (meaning no shorts and tank tops).   A light cover up will also come in handy if you’re travelling in the north of Thailand, or happen to be taking early morning boat trips.

5. Waterproof bags for the rainy season (June to July)

This is a tip particularly helpful for backpackers as you may have all the things you truly love on your back when the skies open up and you experience the true meaning of ‘rainy season’.  It doesn’t hurt to bring along some resealable waterproof bags for your electronics, or consider investing in a safety case that is also waterproof. Even better, bring along a waterproof shield for your entire backpack.

Photo by Andinem


Depending on your previous travels and experience, this may go without saying but it’s not a great idea to bring lots of expensive brand name items (like sunglasses, or purses), or lots of jewellery. All it will do is set you up as an easy mark for pick-pockets or make haggling for those awesome sunglasses at the local market incredibly difficult. Leave that stuff at home and buy some fun knock-offs while you’re in Thailand.

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