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The Rise of French: How the French Language Can Take Your Career to the Next Level

Is French a good language to learn?

The answer is 100% YES. In today’s globalized world, there is a strong demand for professionals who can bridge the linguistic and cultural gap between different countries.

And given that French is one of the most global languages, with presence in 4 continents, you can see why French is such a good language to learn right now.

In this post, we will show you why the French language is so important for entrepreneurs and how speaking it can open the door to the job of your dreams.


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Gain Experience Abroad


Is French useful to learn?

For those adventurous minds who dream of vibrant cultures and foreign lands, it certainly is. After all, when you learn French you’re not only learning the language of France and Belgium. It is the official language of 29 different countries including strong economies like Switzerland as well as emerging countries in Africa and Asia.

And let us not forget about Canada! Canada’s ties to France date back to the 1600s, when the French landed in North America and set up what was known as the “New France.” Sure, Canada is an independent country now —a very prosperous one at that— but the legacy of those ties can still be seen in the prevalence of French all across the country.

In fact, with around 7 million Canadians speaking French, Canada is definitely a bilingual country. What is more, French is the only recognized official language in the province of Quebec.

So, whether you want to go to France, Cameroon, Switzerland or Canada, it’s easy to see why French is such an important language to learn at the moment.


Add a Valuable Skill to Your Resume


So, you want your resume to stand out from the crowd but you don’t know how to do it?

It might be time for you to learn French! In today’s global business world, a professional’s ability to communicate in a language as widely spoken as French is bound to help get chosen for coveted positions over monolingual candidates, even among a group of applicants with similar or more solid formal training in other areas.

What is more, according to recruitment agencies, employees who learn French can add an extra 10-15% to their salary. That’s how useful it is to learn French!

Add to this the fact that over 87 major international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union or FIFA are using French as an official working or administrative language, and you can see why the French language might be the most important asset you can add to your resume.


Study Abroad Without Going into Debt


Do you need more reasons to learn French? What if we told you that France is one of the most affordable European countries for postgraduate study?

After the government set tuition fees for public universities at a fixed rate, all French and EU / EEA students now pay the same amount! In 2022, the cost of a Master’s degree in France is currently €240 per year, a much more accessible price than in the US or the UK.

Plus, with more than 30 French universities among the Top Universities by QS World Rankings (most of which are situated in Paris and Lyon), it is clear that the higher education system in France is one of the best in the world. This, by the way, can also be said about Canada!

With 28 universities in this year’s QS World University Rankings, Canada is also an excellent destination for those who want to pursue postgraduate courses in one of the most advanced countries in the world.

By obtaining a Master’s degree in France or Canada, you will show potential employers that you’re self-demanding, flexible, and above all, ready for a challenge

Work for a French Company in the US


In addition to their healthy diplomatic relationship, the US and France enjoy mutually advantageous economic ties. According to the magazine France-Amérique, there isn’t a single American state that doesn’t have at least one French company. From renowned brands like Sodexo, Louis Vuitton, and Saint-Gobain, to industry heavyweights like Michelin and Airbus, French companies actively contribute to the U.S. economy by hiring hundreds of American people every year.

If you start to learn French right now, you may be able to outstrip monolingual candidates and land a position in a variety of industries, from global gas providers to institutional catering services. In short, French is a good language to learn not only for those who want to get a job abroad, but also for those who would rather stay at home but need a new skill to boost their chances of finding a fulfilling job.




When you go to a new place or learn a new skill, one of the best ways to keep your motivation up is to interact with others to exchange valuable information and develop professional or social relationships.

Do you want to share experiences of living in France as an American or simply practice the new language with people who won’t frown at your pronunciation? Join the Americans in France Facebook group and share pictures, news, and information about cultural events.

If you are in Quebec, for example, you can attend French-speaking events like the comedy festival Just for Laughs, or Les FrancoFolies, a celebration of French-language and Québéois musical artistry which brings in over 1,000 Francophone performers from all over the world every year.

Now that you know why the French language is so important for American professionals, when will you start learning French? Is “right now” too soon? Because that’s exactly what we want to offer to you today!


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