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10 Of The Weirdest World Cup Chants Ever


The World Cup is on and countries break out celebrated chants for their teams in all native languages. You may think you know what you’re hearing (“Go team, go”) but translations reveal chants range from poetic and impassioned (“Sing and don’t cry”) to hilarious and rowdy (“With lukewarm tequila, we’ll be champions”).

The 2014 World Cup has kicked off in Brazil, where people are known for their colourful nature and exuberance. As fans, Brazilians set a high standard for enthusiasm, but they’re not the only ones who know how to get behind their team.

Every country has its own brand of cheer, and of course its own language for cheering. While many of the messages are universal, other translations would be quite difficult to guess. Check out some of the weird and wonderful chants you are likely to hear at this year’s World Cup!

10) Argentina – “Vamos Argentina” (Let’s Go Argentina)

Vamos, vamos Argentina,
vamos, vamos a ganar,
que esta barra quilombera,
no te deja, no te deja de alentar.

Let’s go, let’s go Argentina,
We have, we have to win,
For these raucous supporters,
Won’t stop, won’t stop cheering for you.

9) Brazil – “Caiu Na Rede é Peixe” (Caught in the Net like a Fish)

O Brasil vai golear,
Caiu na rede é peixe,
Le le ah, o quê?
o quê? 

Brazil is going to score,
Caught in the net like fish,
Le le ah, what?

8) Belgium – “Waar Is Dat Feestj?” (Where Is The Party?)

Waar is dat feestje? Hier is dat feestje!
Waar is dat feestje? Hier is dat feestje!
Waar is dat feestje? Hier is dat feestje! 

Where is the party? Here is the party!
Where is the party? Here is the party!
Where is the party? Here is the party!

7) Germany – “Que Sera Sera, Besoffen Wie Jede” (Que Sera Sera, Drunk As Always)

Die Deutschen sind wieder da,

Besoffen wie jedes Jahr,
Que Sera Sera…

The Germans are back once more,
Drunk as always,
Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)…

6) Argentina- “Argentina Vamos A Ganar” (Argentina Let’s Win)

Vamo vamo Argentina vamos a ganar,
Vamo vamo Argentina vamos a ganar,
Yo te sigo a todas partes a donde vas cada vez te quiero mas… 

Go Go Argentina let’s win,
Go Go Argentina let’s win,
I follow you everywhere you go, each time I want you more…

5) Spain- “Canta Y No Llores” (Sing And Don’t Cry)

Ay, Ay, Ayayaaaa, canta y no llores,
porque cantando se alegra
cielito lindo los corazones… 

Ay ay ay ay,
Sing and don’t cry,
Because singing makes you happy,
Our hearts like clear skies…

4) Bosnia – “Da Ga Hoće Nanice” (Score It, Grandma)

Da ga hoće, nano, da ga hoće nanice, da ga hoće zabit Džeko, joj nano nanice…

May score it, grandma, may score it granny, may score it Džeko, hey granny… 

3) Brazil – “Brasil Tropical” (Tropical Brazil)

Abençoado por Deus,
E bonito por natureza,
Que beleza!
Fevereiro, Fevereiro,
Tem carnaval!,
Eu tenho um fusca e um violão ,
Sou flamengo e tenho uma nega chamada Tereza… 

Blessed by God,
Beautiful by nature,
What beauty!
In February, February,
There’s Carnival!
I have an old car and a guitar,
I’m for Flamengo and have a sweetheart named Tereza…

2) Croatia – “Za ljubav ja bih ga dao sve”  (For Love I ‘d Give It All)

A ti znaš da ja nisam čovik od velikih riči,
I nikad nisam moga ti reći ja volim te,
A za ljubav ja dao bih sve,
Nananana nananana, 

Za ljubav ja dao bih sve,
Nananana nananana… 

And you know that I am not a man of big words,
And I could never tell you I love you,
And for the love I gave it all,
Nananana Nananana,
For love I ‘d give it all ,
Nananana Nananana…

1) Germany – “Tequila Lauwarm, Vom Durchf…” (Tequila Lukewarm…We’ll Be Champions)

Mit Senoritas im Arm,
Tequila lauwarm,
Vom Durchfall geplagt
Und von Fliegen gejagt. 

Im Land der Kakteen
Werden wir, du wirst seh’n,
Wieder Weltmeister, Weltmeister sein,

With women on our arms,
Tequila lukewarm,
Plagued by diarrhoea,
And chased by flies,
In the land of cacti,
World Champions again, we’ll be world champions,

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