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10 Slang Words and Phrases to Polish Up Your Arabic

Arabic is considered one of the most important languages to know, rivaling the likes of Spanish, English, and even Chinese when it comes to how useful it can be for business and travel. However, even if you spend hours of your time in the classroom learning this vital language, that may not mean that you’re real-world ready just yet. Arabic is comprised of a plethora of slang terms and phrases which you might not learn in your typical language class, but which are useful nonetheless. Ready to start chatting away like a native? Then read on to discover 10 slang words and phrases which will come in handy in real life situations:

Maafi Mushkil = No problem.

This is a casual way to let your friend know that you don’t mind doing that favor for him or that it’s okay he’s running late.

Maafi Mushkil = No problem. (1)

Habibi can be used as a term of endearment to refer to someone you love (e.g. your mother) or close friends. Some even liken it to calling a friend ‘dude,’ but a tad more affectionate.

Maafi Mushkil = No problem. (2)

In Arabic culture it’s safest to leave plans in the hands of God. Of God wants it to happen, it will. Until then, don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Maafi Mushkil = No problem. (3)

Use this term when you’re admiring or praising something. For example, if your friend got a promotion you would say Masha’Allah to show how awesome you think it is.

Maafi Mushkil = No problem. (4)

Khallas is a word which is useful because it can be utilized in a variety of different scenarios. It can also mean stop, end, or enough, so use it accordingly.

Maafi Mushkil = No problem. (5)

This slang word is an informal way of saying ‘hello.’ If you hear someone say it to you, it probably means they’re being extra friendly!

Maafi Mushkil = No problem. (7)

If you’re looking for a more formal way to greet people than just saying hala, this phrase is perfect. Use it in more formal settings or when you want to show a bit more respect.

Maafi Mushkil = No problem. (8)

As you can probably already tell, there are multiple ways to greet someone in Arabic. Marhaba falls somewhere between hala and assalam alaikum, and can be used when being neither slangy nor formal is an option.

Maafi Mushkil = No problem. (9)

Since you’re studying up on all the ways to say ‘hello’ in Arabic, knowing how to say ‘goodbye’ will probably come in useful too, won’t it?

Maafi Mushkil = No problem. (11)

When you want to offer a casual thanks to a good friend for taking the time to help you practice your Arabic, shukran will do the trick!

Arabic is so widely spoken in so many countries, that you can’t really go wrong when picking up good slang words and phrases to use. However, just knowing a few sentences won’t help you much when it comes time to heading off the beaten track, so brush up on your Arabic skills with some excellent language classes and a free Arabic online placement test. With a strong language foundation, you’ll be able to take the Arabic-speaking world by storm, whether you’re traveling in the Middle-East or heading to the African continent!