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Thailand’s Top 10 Hot Activities

Millions of people visit Thailand every year for numerous reasons (some of them illegal but that’s another story) so we thought we’d check out ten of the top activities in this Indochinese kingdom. Thailand is home to 65 million of some of the loveliest people in the world, has a remarkable culture of history, religion,(…)

4 Not-to-Miss Hostels While Vacationing in Peru

From the depths of the Amazon to the magical Incan ruins at Machu Picchu, Peru offers visitors just about every type of adventure you could imagine. Allow me to be so bold as to say that if you’re planning a trip there, you are in for memorable vacation that will rival any other you take(…)

9 Useful Phrases for your Trip to South Korea!

So many people head to South Korea these days for business and pleasure that learning a few Korean phrases can come in handy more often than you may think. The peninsula is beautiful, kinetic and jam-packed with some of the most interesting cultural attractions and adventurous outdoor activities in Asia. Hikers will find South Korea(…)

6 Incredible Tourist Activities in Rio

It’s practically guaranteed that any Brazilian vacation will be a hit. From beautiful beaches to thriving urban scenes to some of the most photographed attractions in the world, you have your pick of literally thousands upon thousands of places to visit in Rio de Janeiro alone. When it comes to planning a vacation, you’ll want(…)

10 Top Phrases for Your Trip to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country rich in culture ­– in a land of differences you can find some of the most amazing animals (like the Oryx), as well as houses made from coral in Jeddah on the coast. The hospitality in Saudi Arabia and indeed in most Middle Eastern countries is hard to beat, so(…)