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10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Saudi Arabia


With tourist visas being recently introduced for the first time in Saudi Arabia, the country is slowly opening up to visitors. We’ve compiled a list of ten points that you should remember if you want to make a good impression whilst visiting Saudi Arabia, either for pleasure, business or as a pilgrim. 1. Know why(…)

10 Top Phrases for Your Trip to Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is a country rich in culture ­– in a land of differences you can find some of the most amazing animals (like the Oryx), as well as houses made from coral in Jeddah on the coast. The hospitality in Saudi Arabia and indeed in most Middle Eastern countries is hard to beat, so(…)

Top 10 Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is famous for several reasons.  It is the heart of Islam, home to two of the world’s most important mosques including the destination for numerous pilgrims each year.  The holy cities of Mecca and Medina are fascinating and revered sites; you can only visit them, however, if you are Muslim.  The modern city(…)