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4 Must-Eat-At Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is one of those destinations that keeps visitors coming back for more. Those who have the chance to visit find it difficult to prolong a return, with it becoming an annual trek for the luckiest of the bunch. So what is it that attracts them? The shopping, the boardwalks, the beaches? Of course!(…)

The Growing Presence of English in Latin American Spanish

Perhaps one of the most attractive things about the Spanish language is just how far reaching it is. Mexico, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and more than 15 other countries recognize it as their official language, with some 350 million people around the world speaking it every day. Anyone with even the most elementary knowledge of Spanish knows(…)

Hoorahs and Cat Holes: Slang in the U.S. Armed Forces

The use of slang in the military has been an ongoing tradition for troops worldwide.  It is seemingly almost as vital to the military’s communications as its radios and messengers. The many historic wars that the United States has been engaged in has evolved the slang, or jargon, that its armies use in order to(…)

Show Me The Love! How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Around the World

Some people hate Valentine’s Day with a fiery passion, while others enjoy the opportunity to indulge in their more sentimental and romantic side. A holiday that has traditionally called for secret letters to those you love and chocolates for those you hold dear, is celebrated slightly differently everywhere. Learn more about Valentine’s traditions all over(…)

Language Through Idioms: from the Mundane to the Obscure

Idioms are fun! Whether translatable or not, rich in imagery and meaning, idioms are an essential part of our day to day language. Apologies in advance… Let’s not get off on the wrong foot about idioms. As funny and senseless as they might come across, they are not merely just small cogs in large wheels:(…)

Twitter’s Biggest Celebrities Have The Baddest Grammar

When potentially good tweets go grammatically bad, it sends a little shiver of sadness through the education system’s hearts and minds. Not to mention a tinge of embarrassment across the cheeks of some celebrity parents. These five famous stars have all been in the public spotlight lately; not for their successful careers, but because of(…)

Culturally Diverse US States Share Language Program Shortages

  California, Texas, Ohio, and Montana – they all have something in common that might not be well known. They all happen to suffer from a national shortage of the multilingual educators they need in order to fulfil their state’s foreign language programs, and ESL (English as a Second Language) educational courses; along with a mutual need(…)

Dating in Japan: Express Yourself (& Impress Others) in Japanese

Japanese dating culture can be a minefield for people who aren’t familiar with the culture. Politeness and cultural hierarchies dictate very specific language to be used (along with certain rules) that should be kept in mind while exploring you romantic interests. Perhaps you’d like to tell your Japanese-speaking romantic interest how you feel? How about(…)