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4 fantastic websites to learn Arabic

Learning Arabic? Then look no further than the internet to give your learning a boost! There are thousands of websites out there to help you with all your study needs. Let us narrow down your search by giving you some of the best!


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Aljazeera is a great starting point for studying Arabic, with a wealth of resources to help you learn. There are two routes to learning, both of which provide activities from beginner to advanced level. You can follow general learning which is the more formal way of learning, with some fantastic pronunciation guidance as you learn the alphabet, all the way up to advanced texts for you to practice your reading skills with. Or, you can choose the media language route. This helps you practice Arabic with real life situations from around the world.


To give you some examples. You can look at floating houses in the Netherlands where you will watch a short video then practice a range of activities at ‘medium’ level, then learn about the history of pharmacy in Mesopotamia at advanced level doing the same. The activities are interactive, matching exercises, and gap fill, and there are plenty of opportunities to think on how to use the language you’ve just learned. This a truly great resource for learning Arabic, give it a try!


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Learn 101


If you want an easy to navigate website to complement your Arabic learning, Learn 101 is exactly what you need. From the top of the page you can work through vocabulary, grammar, numbers, and phrases, or further down the page you can choose choose things like exam which will give you a multiple choice test to see what your level is like.


What is particularly helpful about this website is that almost everything you click on is written in Arabic and English, then uses the Latin alphabet to help you pronounce better, and finally has an audio file so you can hear how it really should be said. If you’re struggling with the grammar of gender in Arabic there is a great section to give you pointers. There is even a keyboard to help you try out writing in Arabic with. So many useful tools!


Learning Arabic? Check out this compilation of amazing webites to help you learn Italian!

Qatar via Pixabay


Goethe Verlag


Goethe Verlag is a great resource for Arabic learning. There are a hundred free short lessons on the site teaching you everything from adverbs to small talk. On this list are grammar points as well as vocabulary, and some great instructions for how to conjugate verbs or form sentences. Each exercise gives you audio, Arabic, and pronunciation using the Latin alphabet.


Using giving reasons 1 as an example, you have questions followed by responses, and the audio file uses both a male and female voice so you can hear how the sentences should really sound. You can also go directly to the vocabulary page which gives you images of various subjects that you can then learn the pronunciation and spelling of. This is a simply laid out and very effective website to help you practice Arabic with.


Learning Arabic? Check out this compilation of amazing webites to help you learn Italian!

Egypt via Flickr


Arabic Learning Resources


This website is purely for Egyption Arabic; you should be aware of which dialect of Arabic you’re wanting to practice before you get into any website! Arabic Learning Resources looks very much like all the other language websites out there. Which isn’t a bad thing; if you’re wanting a quick refresher on grammar points, it’s a great website to use. But what is really good about Arabic Learning Resources is some of its specific exercises that you might not find elsewhere.

Egyptian Arabic insults and crude language teaches you, well, as it says! But there aren’t many websites out there teaching the Arabic for such things, so this is a fun change to the norm. You can see the words in sentence structures or individually to use as you wish, so make up your own insults!


Another great section is the introduction to the Arabic sentence which teaches you all the different ways sentences are put together in Arabic, and gives pointers for how to structure your own. This activity goes into a lot of detail without being overly complex, and is a really helpful tool.


So much to choose from! So the question is, when are you starting your Arabic language adventures, and where?