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4 fantastic websites to learn English

Since so much of the internet is in English, it makes sense that it would be the perfect tool to help you learn the language as well. But where to start? There’s just so much to choose from! Here are some of the best websites to help you learn English.


Learning English? Check out this compilation of amazing webites to help you learn English!


British Council


The British Council are well known for producing excellent learning materials, and the same can be said of its website. You can search for activities by skill — listening, reading, writing, and speaking, via grammar and vocabulary, or choose options for Business and exam English. Under General English you’ll find all sorts of useful tools, including games to practice with. Every activity can be sorted through levels A1 to C2 so you’ll know you’re on target.


Two things you should definitely take advantage of on this website next. Firstly, Magazine, and we’ll use the example of The Web At 30 to let you know how this works. There is a simplified article to read along with a link to the original if you’re wanting to stretch yourself, followed by two quick tasks to check your knowledge, and then a discussion point for you to think on. And finally, the video zone, using Seeing is believing as an example, gives you preparatory material before viewing a short video that is also followed by activities similar to those in Magazine.


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Leo Network


The Leo Network is a great resource for English learners. You have the typical grammar and vocabulary activities you might expect, some simple refresher lessons under English Lessons, and a basics section to practice with as well. There are pronunciation activities, games that make learning feel like you’re not even trying, and even practice tests and quizzes. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice!


Here are some more great resources on Leo. British Culture gives you an insight into just that while helping you practice. Ask Ellie is sort of a bot you can fire questions at, though there is a FAQ section for Ask Ellie that might already have the answers that you need. And under English Chat there are many ways for you to practice speaking. There are links to live chats, Skype sessions, and an extensive forum full of tips, tricks, and advice. The Leo Network is truly one of the best websites for practicing English; definitely give it a look!


Learning English? Check out this compilation of amazing webites to help you learn English!

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My English Pages


For a simple site to go over what you already know, My English Pages has a lot going for it. There are sections for exercises and test, a good dictionary, and a great section on figures of speech if you’re stuck on any of those. There are idioms, phrasal verbs, and even quotes of the day if you want a bite-sized bit of practice. And even some jokes, which are, well, awful, but good English practice all the same.


One of the most helpful parts of My English Pages is the topic of the month, which currently is all about study skills. You’ll find this on the right of the page along with direct links to all kinds of points to help you with problem areas. Study skills and strategies is a great place to start. And keep an eye out for the new pages section to the bottom right of the page. Here you’ll find everything from activities on either, neither, or both, to English practice discussing renewable energy. Honestly, My English Pages will leave you spoilt for choice!


Learning English? Check out this compilation of amazing webites to help you learn English!

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News In Levels


This site is amazing! News In Levels lets you learn English purely by watching the news. There are sections for grammar, jokes, and even people in levels where you get to hear from people all over the world as you practice, though the main focus is recent news articles. The site grades everything in three levels of difficulty that are roughly at beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. There are more than 480 MP3 files to practice with, and the site promises that you’ll learn fast!


So how does it work? Each news article you can view through one of these three levels. We’ll use dolphin language to demonstrate. You get some preparatory material that explains what the story is about and some of the difficult words that you’ll hear, then a video of the news article itself. As you work through the levels you get more complex language, and by level three there is an additional video for you to watch. This site really makes you feel like you’re not learning at all, when you are!  


There are so many resources for learning English. Where are you going to start?