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4 good reasons to learn Spanish in Salamanca

If you are learning a language and want to become fluent quickly, one of the best things you can do is truly immerse yourself in it. Say you’re learning Spanish; there are twenty countries in the world with Spanish as an official language. How quickly could you pick it up if you were in one of these countries? Of course, the very best option would be to study Spanish in a place where it is spoken; that way, you get the correct vocabulary and grammar knowledge before you go out and practice speaking with the locals! Do you like that idea? Great! Then here are some reasons why you should learn Spanish in Spain, in the city of Salamanca.



Salamanca; a great stepping stone for onward travel

If you like the idea of learning Spanish in a Spanish-speaking city but are daunted by the idea of being in a place where there are too many people, Salamanca might be a great alternative. With around 230,000 people living in the metropolitan area, compared with the 3.3 million living in Madrid, it is safe to say you would be less overwhelmed! The flipside to this, of course, is that while Salamanca attracts a great number of visitors, as a city it is far less exposed to those either not speaking Spanish, or speaking Spanish for the first time. Which means you have ample opportunities to practice. And with Salamanca having its own airport as well as being well-connected on the Spanish road network, once you have mastered Spanish in this beautiful city you are perfectly placed to try it out in other parts of the country. Happy traveling!


A great city for cultural and historical immersion

So what makes Salamanca a great place to study Spanish? Well, for starters, since the city has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate with barely any rain, Salamanca is the perfect city to be in if you like the idea of studying in good weather. Besides the weather, the Old City of Salamanca has status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; it is the kind of place where walking the streets feels like a literal step back in time. For those who love exploring architecture, Salamanca leaves you spoiled for choice, with Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Plateresque, and other styles everywhere you turn. Its Renaissance architecture is some of the finest in the country. And with so many of its structures made from a golden-colored sandstone, it is easy to see why Salamanca has been named Spain’s Golden City


Photo via Wikimedia


Practicing your Spanish in Salamanca

After you have explored the incredible history and architecture of this truly beautiful city, what else can you do to put your new Spanish skills to use? Well, with your new classmates you can spend your evenings frequenting the various restaurants, bars, and cafes Salamanca has to offer. For events to attend, the Castile-and-Leon International Arts Festival is a huge draw every June attracting both a local and international crowd to practice with, a perfect way to show your appreciation of both Spanish and art. Though if you really want to soak up the atmosphere of Salamanca, perhaps attending the National Festival of Salamanca would be best. This is a celebration of music, community, and fireworks, lighting up the city skies every February. Though this is one you’ll need a lot of spare cash for; tickets start from €600! To give you a taste, here are Spotify playlists inspired by the festival.


Photo via Pixabay


The cost of living in Salamanca

Studying abroad? Your first consideration should be the cost of living in your chosen destination. Don’t get caught out with poor accommodation because you haven’t budgeted wisely, or find yourself running out of cash to keep yourself fed while studying. Here are some numbers to help you out a little. The exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Euro is around $1 to €0.90. Expatistan says that the cost of living in Salamanca is 53 percent cheaper than Los Angeles, 62 percent cheaper than New York, and 50 percent cheaper than Chicago. Turning to Numbeo, a small bottle of water will cost you €1.29, a small beer about €3.00, a month travel pass around €14.00, and a single-occupancy apartment in the city center around €450.00, though you could greatly reduce your accommodation costs by sharing with someone. Perhaps you might find a roommate in your Spanish classroom, or your school can put you in touch with a host family. It is always important to look into all your options before you set off!

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