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4 Kid-Friendly Activities for Families Vacationing in São Paulo

Photo by Júlio Boaro/Flickr

São Paulo, Brazil, is an eclectic, fast-paced city that offers visitors lots of things to see and do. Parents who are eager to show their kids a different type of lifestyle will love this city that blends the traditional with the contemporary, the upscale with the modest, and has a never-ending energy. There’s no shortage of things for adults to do, from samba clubs and nighttime performances to art museums and sporting events, but scheduling a kid-friendly trip might take a little extra work.

Not to fret though, there is plenty to do with children. In fact, if you spend some extra time researching and setting up your itinerary before you travel you’ll quickly discover an abundance of experiences you and your children will want to share. Here are just a handful of our favorite kid-friendly activities to help you get started with the planning:

1. Learn about poisonous snakes at Instituto Butantan.

Kids who are into all things scientific–or just love the creepy and the crawly!–will be interested in visiting the Instituto Butantan, a renowned research institute dedicated to the study of venomous creatures and the production of antivenins and vaccines. The major attraction for visitors is the venom farm, where researchers collect milk from an estimated 1,000 snakes. The institute is also home to multiple museums and a serpentarium, with lots of frogs, spiders, and other animals on display in addition to the main attraction–the serpents.

2. Tour the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo (MASP).

MASP is regarded by many as São Paulo’s most impressive art museum. Even if your kids are very young or show little interest in art, it’s most definitely worth stopping by for a bit of exploration. Admission is free on Tuesdays, which means you have absolutely nothing to lose by paying a visit! As little as an hour or two among the vibrant colors, exotic shapes, and historical artwork will help your kids grow an appreciation for the arts.

MASP in São Paulo CC BY-SA 3.0

MASP in São Paulo CC BY-SA 3.0

3. Walk through the Praça Benedito Calixto market.

This impressive open air market is a fantastic spot to take children to introduce them to the sights, sounds, and flavors of Brazil! Local artisans sell homemade goods, collectors offer antiques, and street vendors serve traditional food like stuffed esfihas. Buy healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruits that your family can munch on throughout your trip. And watch for live music and dancing as the crowds build up throughout the morning every Saturday.

4. Learn something at the Catavento Cultural e Educacional.

Kids have the run of the place at this hands-on museum which hosts a number of permanent and rotating exhibits. Admission for children costs less than 5 reales, and an adult pass comes in at under 10 reales, making this a very affordable way to spend a rainy morning in São Paulo. Kids learn about the solar system, chemistry, avionics, the life cycle of butterflies, and much more while blowing giant bubbles, scaling rock climbing walls, and interacting with lots of other exhibits.

Parents who are planning a trip with their children to Brazil have a wonderful opportunity to teach their kids about another culture, including its language, typical foods, traditional dress, and other important aspects of the country. You can make the trip even more meaningful for your family by working together to learn Portuguese before and after your vacation. Hearing the language spoken by locals will excite your kids and motivate them to embrace language learning. Don’t miss this unique opportunity– contact us to learn more about private language instruction for you and your family!