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4 of the Most Unique Hostels Around the World

Anyone who’s a budget traveler knows that one of the best ways to save money while out exploring the world is to stay at hostels instead of pricier hotels. If you haven’t yet tried staying at a hostel because you’re afraid they’re dirty or don’t like the idea of sharing space with strangers, it’s time to let go of those worries and see for yourself just how modern, clean, and friendly most hostels are these days. Many even have private rooms and bathrooms, so you can still enjoy the company of others at mealtime and when hanging out in shared spaces, yet have your own private space for sleeping.

Whether you’re new to hostels or have been hostel-hopping around the globe, there’s no denying that certain properties have something special about them. And not just special…but flat-out unusual. Ready to learn about 4 of the world’s most unique hostels? Keep reading!

St. Briavels Castle Hostel in St. Briavels, United Kingdom

St. Briavels Castle Hostel, United Kingdom

Don’t miss your chance to soak in the grandiosity of this 800-year-old castle. The property has been painstakingly preserved so you get a true taste of what life was like in centuries past. During your visit, enjoy your meals alongside fellow travelers in the massive Medieval period dining hall, put your archery skills to the test, and join one of the tours of this sprawling property to learn more about its place in history.

Cost? $20 for a bed in a shared dorm

Ottawa Jail Hostel in Ottawa, Canada

By Jc128842 (Jeff Johnston). (Own work.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Jc128842 (Jeff Johnston). (Own work.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Who knew that a night behind bars could be so fun? Guests at this 150-year-old former jail are in a for a real architectural treat, with jail-era signage, brick walls, and a 30-foot-high stone wall surrounding the property. While here, be sure to take the free daily tour to hear about this historic landmark and pay a visit to the onsite pub where they host parties and a comedy night for hostel residents and the general public.

Cost? $30 for a bed in a shared dorm

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Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel in California, USA

© Frank Schulenburg / , via Wikimedia Commons

© Frank Schulenburg / , via Wikimedia Commons

This beautiful lighthouse dates back to 1875 and is still maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard. Guests stay in former Coast Guard quarters and a fog signal building, where they can enjoy gorgeous views of the ocean and coastline and fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean. The area is known for its beautiful coastal wildlife, including whales, dolphins, egrets, herons, and lots more. Be sure to visit the nearby tidal pools after high tide to catch a glimpse of starfish, crabs, and other aquatic animals.

Cost? $30 for a bed in a shared dorm

Jumbo Stay in Stockholm, Sweden

By Stefan Schäfer, Lich (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Stefan Schäfer, Lich (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A converted Boeing 747 sets the scene for a modern and truly unique hostel at Jumbo Stay. Coach and first class have been divided up into shared dormitories and 2-person rooms, but, if you can afford the splurge, go for the cockpit room or sleep in a former wind turbine! Free transportation to and from the nearby airport make it ideal for a one-night layover in Stockholm.

Cost? $100 for a private double room

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From castles to jails to airplanes, you have your choice of places to stay when traveling the world. Sure, they cost more than your typical hostel, but staying at one of these spots is an experience you’ll never forget. Before you set out on your next backpacking adventure, make sure you’re prepared to mingle with the locals in their native tongue. Contact us for some one-on-one language instruction before you go. Safe travels!