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Woo the Right Way: 7 Spanish Pick Pickup Lines!


A young woman leans across the bar at a local pub, waiting for the bartender to return with the round of drinks she has just ordered. Music pumps through the speakers, and she drops a few bills on the counter when a young man sidles over to her. “Did it hurt?” he asks, smiling, “you know, when you fell from heaven?”

Pickup lines are a fickle beast. They can be delivered with precision and ease – making the wooer charming or at the very least funny – or they can be botched, leaving him (or her!) all alone. But one thing’s for certain, pickup lines always sound better in another language. And what better language to test them out in, but the language of love: el español (Spanish)!

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“No se puede dar más elegancia a esta calle, menos tú.”

Translation: “Nothing would make this street more elegant, but you.”

Shouting this at a woman as she walks by you in the calle (street) will probably get you ignored, but tell me it doesn’t make you smile at least a little, ladies.

“Quien se ha muerto en el cielo para que la Virgen vaya vistiendo de negro?”

Translation: “Who died in heaven that made an angel come down dressed in black?”

This one, which arrived on this list courtesy of a bartender in Spain, must only be said to a sultry sweetheart dressed in black. It refers to the Virgin Mary, but it’s really just a corny way of saying, “eres guapa” (you’re beautiful). Bear in mind though, if you want to lay this one on her, best not to be too serious – best case: you’ll get a laugh, maybe un beso (a kiss).

“Hola, soy un ladrón, y estoy aquí para robar tu corazón.”

Translation: “Hello, I am a thief. And I am here to steal your heart.”

Best said by someone with a sense of humour – and then offer to get her next drink.

“Deberías caminar en la sombra porque los bombones derriten en el sol.”

Translation: “You should walk in the shade because chocolate melts in the sun.”

And you’re as sweet as chocolate my dear. It’s corny, sure, but isn’t it also a little lindo (cute)?

“Si fuera superman te llevaría volando, pero como no lo soy te acompaño caminando.”

Translation: “If I were superman I’d take you flying, but since I’m not, I’ll walk you home.”

Come on, this one is funny – if she doesn’t at least giggle, you’re not doing it right.


And for those of you for whom classic lines are the way to go, check out these much more common ways to get someone’s attention:

“Puedo comprarte una bebida?”

Translation: “Can I buy you a drink?”

An oldie, but a goodie. Just make sure her bebida (drink) isn’t already llena (full)…

“Tienes una sonrisa muy bonita.”

Translation: “You have a beautiful smile.”

Telling a girl she’s beautiful is not a bad way to go, but complimenting her smile is only going to keep her sonriente (smiling).


So, if you’re out on the town in a Spanish speaking country and you hear any of these directed at you, you’ll know what your suitor is saying – and if you’re trying to capture the attention of one of the beauties, try out one of these, and see where it gets you.

And if you’re still unsure of yourself, contact us to find a tutor near you that can help you with any of your conversation needs. Best of luck!