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Eat Your Way Through São Paulo at These 6 Local Eateries

If a Brazilian vacation is on your horizon, there’s no doubt you’re at least passing through São Paulo, if not spending a few days exploring this diverse and lively city. And if you’re going to São Paulo, be prepared to eat well. From the local tradition of meat served by the skewer at churrascarias to an eclectic variety of fusion cafes, there are literally thousands upon thousands of options when it’s time to dine in São Paulo. Here are just a few top picks, from the delightfully casual to the sublimely elegant.

Photo by Júlio Boaro/Flickr


Eat like the locals do at this simple, “no reservations allowed” hot spot where vegetarians and carnivores will both find plenty of great options on the menu. Dadinhos de tapioca are one of the perennial favorites among all who visit, but whether or not you opt for these “tapioca dice” the one thing you absolutely must try are the caiprinhas. If you’re looking for a slightly more casual (and affordable) option, try its sister restaurant, Esquina Mocotó.


This unique menu blends the versatile French crêpe with the flavors of Brazil to create a delicious offering of both sweet and savory items. When paying a visit, be sure to have your camera ready–from the sweet exterior to the cozy dining area to the impeccable presentation, everything about this place is photo worthy.

Bar do Juarez

If you’re in search of a meat-heavy dinner in the form of a tabletop picanha and a good selection of draft beer, head to any of the 4 Bar do Juarez locations through São Paulo. They all have a casual vibe, tasty food, and the prices will seem extra appealing after visiting more formal, upscale places in a notoriously expensive country.

Picture from Bar do Juarez

Picture from Bar do Juarez

Skye Bar & Restaurante

Put on your fancy pants and get ready to dine in style at Skye Bar & Restaurante, which occupies the highly desirable rooftop space at Unique, an ultra posh downtown hotel. Part club, part lounge, part restaurant, you’ll find everything from tasty cocktails to elegant main dishes to decadent desserts here.

Pizzaria Veridiana

You get dinner and a show at this upscale pizzeria, where nightly piano performances transform a simple pizza dinner into something far more memorable. Depending on where you’re sitting, you might even get to watch the chefs in action from the comfort of your table. The building itself is beautiful and warrants a stroll and some picture taking.

Bar do Biu

When it comes to sticking to a budget, you can’t do much better than a traditional Brazilian prato feito. This filling meal usually includes farofa (a toasted cassava flour dish) salad, French fries, rice, beans, and your choice of meat. Even if you’ve had your fill of rice and beans by the time you make it to Bar do Biu, you’ll find plenty of other low-cost options on the menu.


Picture from Bar do Biu

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