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How hard is it to be multilingual?

Not as hard as you’d think, according to new studies. And even easier if you’re already bilingual.

According to one study, learning a language is much like lifting weights to build muscle – the more you effort you put in, the better the results. The skills you learn whilst becoming bilingual can be applied to learning further languages.

“After learning another language, individuals can transfer language learning strategies they’ve acquired to subsequent language learning and become better language learners in general,” said Marian.

She also said that bilingual people are able to learn words at a faster rate within their own native tongue.

Apparently, these research findings confirm two separate truths: One, if you already speak a foreign language and you want to learn another one, you’ve made a big start.

And two, if you only speak one language and you were always confused about how people learn other tongues so quickly, it’s nice to know there’s really no magic to it–you just have to learn the proper strategies and apply them. (Source: Consumer Affairs)

So, it’s never too late to learn a new language. Why not start trying with Portuguese classes in New York?