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Language immersion

Immersion.jpegInspiration today comes from a 6 year old – my friend’s niece, who is starting first grade at a Spanish-immersion school.

Last year Abigail attended kindergarten at an English language school, but now all her classes will be led and taught in Spanish. Both of Abigail’s parents speak Spanish, and she can understand the language to a certain extent, but does not speak it.

Abigail’s challenge is not just to understand what she’s being taught (maths, reading, etc.) but to do it in her second language! This total immersion is a move most adults would be afraid of – but surrounding yourself with your target language can be the best way to learn and become proficient quickly.

While it’s not practical for most language learners to move to a country where their target language is spoken, it is possible to surround yourself with the language in everyday life. Listen to podcasts and radio programmes, find TV shows online, attend classes and find some conversation partners. You can even try thinking in your target language!

Abigail’s already made friends at her new school and is doing well. And so can you!