Letters that didn’t make the alphabet

You know the alphabet. Twenty-six letters, from A-Z.

Or do you? There’s a few letters you probably don’t know about, as they’ve been discarded from our language as it grew. My favourite is probably Ash, although the ampersand comes a close second:

You’re probably familiar with this guy from old-fashioned Greek or Roman style text, especially the kind found in churches. It’s even still used stylistically in words today, like æther and æon.

What you may not know, however, is that at one time the ae grapheme (as it’s now known) was an honorary English letter back in the days of Old English. It still had the same pronunciation and everything, it was just considered to be part of the alphabet and called “æsc” or “ash” after the ash Futhark rune, for which it was used as a substitute when transcribing into Latin letters. (Source: Mental Floss)