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Orangutans communicate with iPads

A bunch of super-cool orangutans at Miami Zoo have learned to communicate with us humans – using iPads.

The orangutans handlers are communicating with the animals, using the tablets to identify their wants and needs. They previously communicated using sign language. But whilst you’re never too old to learn to communicate, apparently even orang-utans are wary of technology when they get to a certain age.

Sinbad (33) and Connie (35) aren’t so keen on the tablet. “I like to compare the two older ones to my parents — I keep trying to get them to use an iPad and they’re just not interested,” [handler Linda] Jacobs said. The other orangutans, though, are very excited by the tablet. They take turns getting to use it, and all run to be the first one to handle it, Jacobs said.

“They really are so intelligent that I think there’s no limit to what they can learn,” Jacobs said. “It’s just about developing the technology to make it possible.” (Source: Wired)

That’s not even the cutest part of this story – apparently there’s an organisation called Orangutan Outreach that is working on linking up orangutans from zoos around the world via video conference calls. Awww!