Samosa-150x150.jpgSamosapedia is probably one of my favourite websites right now.

It’s billed as “the definitive guide to South Asian lingo” and welcomes contributions from users. The site has a great blog (The Daily Chutney) giving context to the words it features. It also gives related words, the root of the word and what region it is used in.

I particularly like the “surprise me” feature, with my favourite so far being Oblibolly:

Oblibolly is a neologism coined by Karmagin. It means the Obligatory Bollywood shot while visiting foren lands. One uses trees, poles, stalactites and stalagmites..yeny objects to make the picture look extra cute and dramatic as if parodying a Bollywood flick.

It is the self-aware and post-modern version of the patel shot. Knowing you are being a tool, gives you full immunity and liberates you from Pateldom.