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Spanish Alphabet: The Essential Guide for Beginners


American children are great at remembering stuff. Ask a group of 7-year-olds how many letters there are in the English ABC, and you’ll see a few hands shoot up in the air. “26!”, they will shout in unison. In fact, they may answer your question with a song. With Spanish-speaking students, however, you might get(…)

Useful fictional alphabets

Did you have a secret diary as a kid? Perhaps written in a language no one but you understood? Now you’re all grown up, why not spice up a boring day at the office by communicating with your colleagues using a fictional alphabet? If you’re all Lord of the Rings fans, there’s a couple alphabets(…)

Korean in 15 minutes

Learning Korean? Or just want to know what the alphabet symbols mean? A comic created by artist and traveller Ryan Estrada could help you out! The comic, seen over at Ryan’s Tumblr, claims to you can learn to read Korean in just 15 minutes. It introduces you to the symbols of the alphabet, known as(…)

Rare alphabets

An interesting article at The Atlantic explores the beauty of rare alphabets. A Vermont-based writer has been documenting our alphabet heritage through wood carvings as part of his Endangered Alphabets Project. Tim Brookes exhibits the wood carvings and has written a book with an introduction by the linguist David Crystal. Edward Tenner writes in The(…)