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Danish vs Swedish Culture: What You Must Know if You Move to Either Country

Picture of people having fun at the workplace

 Once upon a time, we came from Denmark to Sweden to settle down It felt bad in the beginning and it just got worse (so much worse) And they were making fun of me and my Danish pronunciation So I started st-st-st-stuttering I tripped over my tongue And I dreamed about Denmark Yeah I(…)

Ace Your Danish Exams: Everything You Need to Know


While Danish is the main official language in Denmark, it is spoken by an additional 200 thousand people in parts of Germany, the United States, Canada, and has official language status in Greenland and in territories of the Faroe Islands. In addition, Danes and their descendants can be found in almost every country, so you will(…)

Twitter’s new languages

Twitter is a useful language-learning tool, and now it’s available in more languages! It’s just launched in simplified and traditional Chinese, Tagalog, Malay and Hindi, bringing the total number of language available to 17. Other languages that will soon be added to Twitter’s translation center are Danish, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Norwegian and Finnish. Twitter relies(…)