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11 Idioms to Add Color to Your French!


Like English (and many other languages), French is littered with idioms, many of them referring to animals, religion, and parts of the body. A lot of French expressions have English equivalents and a few can even be translated word for word, but others are a bit further away from the English and some appear to(…)

4 Hostels to Consider for Your Paris Vacation


Few people think of Paris as a budget-friendly vacation destination, so any chance to save a few dollars is welcomed by travelers. Luckily, hostels are sprinkled throughout the city and offer vacationers the opportunity to stick to a budget (because, let’s face it–wouldn’t you rather spend that extra money at a wine bar?). Here are(…)

8 Top French TV Shows


Watching foreign TV is a terrific way to improve your language skills, see how simulated everyday communication unfolds, and learn more about the French culture and way of life. Whether you are learning the lingo or simply interested in French TV, here are some of the best French TV shows to watch: 1. Asterix Although(…)

Where to Stay When in France: 4 Fantastic Hostels


Living cheaply while travelling or staying in a foreign country as a student can be done almost anywhere, but often requires a lot of forethought. Your biggest expense is likely to be accommodation, unless you’re lucky enough to find a friend to put you up. Hostels are a great alternative to more expensive hotels or(…)