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The Queen’s English app

Every American I’ve met has commented on what a ‘cute’ accent I have – I think it’s something to do with my very English vowels.

Every American I’ve met has also tried to imitate my accent, with generally pretty dismal results. But help is at hand if you wish to speak the Queen’s English (in text form anyway). A new Android app called the Queen’s English will convert your texts, emails and tweets to… well, the Queen’s English.

The app was created by a British company called SwiftKey, who took all the Queen’s speeches since her coronation in 1952 to build a database of words she might say. This has revealed some interesting facts about her speech, including that she avoids contractions, and has a generally positive tone.

The app is available on a free one-month trial – so why not celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and give it a go?