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These are the 3 most popular sports in Morroco

Morocco is a popular destination for those seeking delicious cuisine and beautiful landscapes. Though for those who enjoy checking out the local sports wherever they travel, Morocco is perfect for this as well! Not sure what to look for? Here are the most popular sports in Morocco along with a little language to get you started.




Like many countries, Morocco’s most popular sport is football. In fact, football is so important to the country that Morocco has now made five bids to host the Fifa World Cup. So far those bids have been unsuccessful, but they are trying again for 2030. But if you’re not planning your holidays that far ahead, what football can you see in Morocco today? Botola Pro is the professional football league for Morocco, home to 16 teams competing for the title. This league is the most-watched in Africa, broadcasting to an audience of around two billion people across 153 territories. Two of the top teams in Botola Pro to look out for are the current champions and runners up, Wydad AC and Raja Casablanca respectively.



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For lower league action look for matches in the second league Botola 2, where 16 teams compete and the top two in the table go on to be promoted to Botola. Here your top teams to look for are Mouloudia Oujda and Raja Beni Mellal. Though if you want lower league still then head to the Amateur National Championship. Football is played just about everywhere in Morocco so you will likely see a game wherever you are!

What language do you need for watching a Moroccon football game?

Player — لاعب — Laaib 

Attacker — هاجم — Haajim 

Defender — مدافع — Mudaafi 

Goalkeeper — حارس المرمى — Haaris ul marmaa 

Referee — حَكِم — Hakim

Ball — كرة — Kura

Team — فريق كرة القدم — Fareequ kurratil qadm 

Game — مباراة — Mubaaraah 

Goal — هدف — Hadaf 

Win — فوز — Fawz

Lose — خسارة — Khassarah

ُTie — تعادل — Taaeadul

Offside — تسلل T— assallul 

ٌFree kick — ركلة حرة, ضربة حرة — Raklatun hurrah / Darabatun hurrah 

Penalty shot — ضربة الجزاء — Darbat ul jazaa 

Corner kick — ركلة ركنية, ضربة ركنية — Raklatun rukniyah / Darbatun rukniyah 

Half time — شونصف الوقت — — nsf alwaqt

ٌRed/Yellow card — بطاقة حمراء / بطاقة صفراء — Bitaaqatun hamraa / Bittaaqatun safraa 




Photo via Wikimedia / Wikimedia

Equestrian sport


Equestrian sports are big crowd-drawers in Morocco, split between the principles of dressage, jumping, and fantasia. Fantasia, also known as Tbourida, is a traditional horsemanship exhibition that you are most likely to see during cultural festivals and if you are lucky enough to attend a Maghrebi wedding.

One particular draw for horse lovers is the annual Salon Du Cheval, a six-day international horse festival that celebrates all things equestrian through shows and competitions. Plan your trip to Morocco in October if you want to be a part of this spectacle! Equestrian sport in Morocco is governed by the Royal Moroccan Equestrian Federation, so if you want to know which equestrian events to attend and when start here.

What language will help when watching any of these equestrian events?

Amateur — الهاوي — alhawi

Amble — مشى متمهلا — mashaa mutamahil

Arena — حلبة — halba

Breed — تربية — tarbia

Bridle — لجام — lijam

Combined driving — الجمع بين القيادة — aljame bayn alqiada

Equestrian — الفروسية — alfurusia

Gait — مشية — mashia

Horse racing — سباق الخيل — sibaq alkhayl

Jockey — سائس — sayis

Paddock — حقل صغير بجانب إصطبل — haql saghir bijanib ‘istbl

Purebred — أصيل — asil

Saddle — سرج — saraj

Stud — عشيق — eshiq


Photo via Pixabay

African Games


Morocco is hosting the African Games in 2019 and the African Para Games in 2020. These games will take place across a large number of stadiums and arenas throughout Morocco. With a similar format to the more-familiar Olympics, the African Games includes the disciplines of everything from athletics to shooting. So if you prefer competitive sports events instead of an individual sport, Morocco is a great place to head!

Here are some of the sports you can expect to find at the Games, and throughout the year in Morocco as well.

Athletics — الالعاب الرياضية — al’aleab alriyadia

Badminton — تنس الريشة — tans alraysha

Rowing — تجديف — tajdif

Wrestling — مصارعة — musariea

Shooting — اطلاق الرصاص — iitlaq alrasas

Snooker — سنوكر — sanukir

Boxing — ملاكمة — mulakima

Fencing — سياج — sayaj

Kayaking — التجديف — altajdif

Judo — الجودو — aljudw

Gymnastics — رياضة بدنية — riadat badania

Tennis — تنس — tans

Chess — شطرنج — shuturanij

These are just some of the sports you will find in Morocco! How about practicing a little Arabic before you go so that you are ready for your trip? You can check your level with our free online level test, and if you want to brush up a little then why not contact us to find out about our courses?