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Top 20 Japanese Survival Phrases Every Tourist Should Know

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 3.31.57 PMMap of Japan via Wikimedia

Sometimes, when someone is touring a foreign country, a few key phrases can go a long way when on a business trip or vacation. Here are 20 Top Japanese “Survival” phrases that are bound to come in handy and are sure to show your foreign hosts some proper social etiquette while in Japan.

Below are 10 “must know” Japanese Greetings and appropriate responses, along with 10 more pertinent Commonplace Everyday Questions that usually come up while interacting with the Japanese public.

10 Common Social Greetings:

#1. – Hi! = Yaa. (やあ)

#2. – Welcome = Youkoso irasshai mashita. (ようこそいらっしゃいました)

#3. – Good morning = Ohayou gozaimasu. (おはようございます)

#4. – Good evening = Konbanw. (こんばんは)

#5. – How are you? = Ogenki desuka? (お元気ですか)

#6. – I’m fine, thanks = Watashi wa genki desu, Arigato. (わたしは元気です,ありがとう)

#7. – Thank you = Arigatou. (ありがとう)

#8. – You’re welcome = Dou itashi mashite. (どういたしまして)

#9. – Good night = Oyasumi nasai. (おやすみなさい)

#10. – Good bye = Sayonara. (さようなら)

450px-Jenn_Takes_A_Picture_(99171224)Snapping photos while abroad in Japan via Wikimedia

10 Commonplace Everyday Questions:

#1. – Do you speak English? = eigo wo hanase masu ka? (英語を話しますか)

#2. – What’s your name? = Namae wa nandesu ka? (名前は何ですか)

#3. – My name is = Watashi no namae wa. (私の名前は)

#4. – Where is the bathroom? = Toire wa doko desuka? (トイレ/薬局) はどこです)

#5. – How much is this? = Kore wa ikura desuka? (これはいくらですか)

#6. – I’m lost = Mayotte shimai mashita. (迷ってしまいました)

#7. – Can you help me? = Tetsudatte kuremasuka? (手伝ってくれますか)

#8. – Can I help you? = Otetsudai shimashouka? (お手伝いしましょうか)

#9. – Excuse me! = Sumimasen! (すみません)

#10. – I don’t understand. = wakarimasen. (わかりません)

If you’re unsure about your ability to communicate with the populace while in Japan, print or copy these convenient phrases in order to help you interact with locals when dealing with Japanese store owners, transit drivers, and street vendors or restaurant wait-staff, while out exploring the city or Japanese countryside.

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