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Top 5: Don’t Miss These Incredible Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

Let’s be honest… One of the most exciting things about going on vacation to a faraway place is sampling the flavors of the local culture, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re planning a getaway to Rio de Janeiro, it will pay to do your research in advance and choose at least a handful of must-be-visited eateries to include in your plans. In a city like Rio you’ll have your option of literally thousands of restaurants, bars, kiosks, street stalls, and markets. And while you’ll never struggle to get a decent meal, a visit to any of these incredible restaurants will ensure you enjoy a meal that is truly great.

1) Bráz Pizzeria

These thin-crust, wood oven pizzas are so good you’ll question why you ever wasted your time on those U.S. chain pizzerias back home. Diners have their choice of toppings like anchovies, fresh garlic, ricotta, buffalo mozzarella, and more. The family friendly scene is inevitably loud and crowded nearly every night and is a great way to share the exuberant energy of Rio with kids.

Photo by Lppa

2) Rio Scenarium

Part night club, part restaurant, part music hall…the Rio Scenarium is a little bit of everything and most definitely a fun place to spend a night out on the town while vacationing in Rio. Expect to see steak, rice, and other Brazilian staples on the menu, and if you’re lucky they’ll have a great local band playing samba or bossanova music while you’re there. Make sure you reserve a table in advance as the line for those without reservations is notoriously long.

3) Cachambeer

Go where the locals go and you won’t be disappointed with your meal or the experience at this popular barzinho. The atmosphere is as casual as it gets, with the cold beer, mountains of French fries, and giant portions of ribs hitting the spot for hundreds of diners each night. This is an excellent spot to practice your Portuguese with  full-blooded cariocas–those born and raised in Rio de Janeiro.

4) Confeitaria Colombo

While you can enjoy a full meal at this gorgeous restaurant, the real attraction is the dizzying variety of sweet desserts on display. With its over-the-top art deco style, it’s certainly worth visiting the downtown location for a cup of coffee and a traditional Brazilian style pastry such as beijinho de coco or pavé.

5) Churrascaria Mocellin

Carnivorous types will want to visit at least one churrascaria during a trip to Brazil. Not sure what that is? One word: meat. And lots of it. At Churrascaria Mocellin, diners enjoy quality food, friendly service, and a robust buffet of hot and cold food items in addition to all the meat served up by passing waitstaff. There’s only one rule to remember:  come hungry!

Photo by Razvan Socol

Photo by Razvan Socol

Rio de Janeiro offers a lot more than just fantastic food, but you’ll definitely be thinking and talking about the great meals you had there for years to come. Whether your vacation is next month or next year, now’s the time to sharpen up those Portuguese skills. Contact us to learn more about one-on-one and small group learning opportunities near you. Safe–and tasty!–travels.