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Top 5 Subjects To Study In Germany

If you’re a prospective student but, like most students, have no idea which path to take, opportunities are waiting for you abroad. While the options of what and where to study can be daunting, Germany not only provides top class education but beautiful scenery, a rich history, and tons of culture. Interested? Browse through our top pick of German universities for a study abroad semester, and then look at 5 of the best subjects that German universities have to offer, according to The Local.

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A crucial element of the world that surrounds us, this subject seems to flourish in a German setting. German physicists have obtained 31 Nobel Prizes between them, and for good reason. The level of in-depth knowledge that goes into most German university physics programs is uncontested worldwide. With 21 universities in the top 100 according to the QS world university rankings (an annual publication by British Quacquarelli Symonds company), Germany is absolutely the place to study such a progressive subject.


Ever had a headache and needed an aspirin to feel better, or had surgery and needed morphine to ease the pain? Believe it or not, we have the Germans to thank for that. Chemistry has been yet another subject boasting German dominance for a while now. This field of study has produced 30 German Nobel Prize winners and isn’t stopping there! German universities are known for their practical hands-on teaching methods. Their techniques of providing industry-orientated learning seem to be working, so don’t miss out on the quality that this country has to give!


Yet another subject of crucial importance making it onto the list, Medicine has been, and will always be a crucial part of our existence and the Germans know this all too well. While we know that the Germans are a well-rounded, ingenuitive and educated people, their progress in medicine should not be considered as just another field of study that they know a lot about. They have conceptualized and branded many discoveries in medicine, including Alzheimer’s disease, adhesive bandages, X-ray tubes, and even the diphtheria antitoxin. Any student interested in medicine should leap at the chance to study at just one of the many world-leading universities that Germany provides to foreigners such as the Technische Universität München, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, and the Freie Universität Berlin.

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Several German universities have also become world-renowned hubs for arts and literature. Take, for example, the following literary geniuses: Goethe, Grass and Schiller; all of whom left an extraordinary legacy in German and global literature and philosophy. Studying this subject at a German university will definitely give you some credit.

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Studying in a different country, wherever it may be, can be a testing experience to say the least. While most Germans comfortably speak English, learning German can only be to your benefit. German universities have definitely recognized a need in the language department and that’s why the majority of them offer a tandem learning experience, where foreigners are given the opportunity to meet with native German speakers in order to get a grasp of the language – for free! If this isn’t enough for a student who is already comfortable with their language, every university offers a number of in-depth language courses, ranging through Spanish, French, English, Italian and many more.

Not convinced yet? Or maybe you’re just not comfortable enough for a conversation with the next German marvel? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Test your current German level and then contact us to book a course and get the boost you need before your trip to Germany!