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Traveling to Spain? Take Your Itinerary Up a Notch with 6 Essential Tourist Activities

Spain doesn’t have to work hard to attract visitors. Its exotic and lively reputation makes it a desirable vacation destination for everyone from traveling novices to the most experienced wanderers. Passionate people, impressive architecture, out-of-this-world food and wine, an alluring mix of rolling mountains and cosmopolitan urban scenes…what’s not to love? If you’re among the lucky ones planning a trip there in 2014, make sure these 6 essential tourist activities make it onto your itinerary:

1. Take a Walking Tapas Tour of Madrid

Don’t even think about going to Madrid without venturing out into the night and sampling  tapas, or small culinary treats designed for sharing. Sign up for a walking tour and you’ll be rewarded with great company, a fascinating history lesson, and, of course, the tastiest, most eclectic variety of foods and wines you’re likely to ever consume in one lone evening.

Photo by Elemaki

2. Watch a Flamenco Performance in Madrid

Think you’ve seen Flamenco? Not if you’ve never seen it performed in one of Madrid’s many theaters, bars, and clubs. Get ready for the most passionate dancing you’ve seen in your life and try to pick up a move or two for your own dance repertoire if you’re feeling daring.

3. Take an Olive Oil Tour in Granada

If you’re a cooking aficionado or just plain like to eat good food, you’ll want to get in on the largely undiscovered tour option that takes visitors to see olive trees, learn how olives are magically processed into oil, and then, the best part, taste a variety of olive oils alongside fresh breads, cheeses, and–surprise!–more wine.

4. Go Stand-up Paddle Boarding in Marbella

Stand-up Paddle Boarding, commonly referred to as SUP, is all the rage these days at beaches around the world. Marbella is a fine place for laying on the beach and sipping cocktails, but give yourself a fun workout for at least a few hours by trying this trendy activity before you resume your busy schedule of lounging around in the sun.

Photo by Steve-h

Photo by Steve-h

5. Tour the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

A tour of one of Gaudi’s greatest life works–which is amazingly still under construction nearly 100 years after his death–is practically a requirement for any visitor setting foot in Spain. As you walk around Barcelona, you’re likely to pass by at least several of Gaudi’s  masterpieces, but don’t miss your chance to enter the Sagrada Familia and take a guided or audio tour of Spain’s most visited monument.

6. Visit the La Boqueria market in Barcelona.

A visit to La Boqueria promises to give your senses a workout. Sure, this buzzing market sells produce, fresh seafood, and all the other goods you’d expect, but the real attraction for tourists may be the intangible energy the place holds. After you’ve surveyed the astonishing variety of goods for sale, pull up a seat and get ready for another fantastic Spanish meal.

Ready to book your trip to Spain and go on an adventure you’ll never forget? Make sure you’ve polished those Spanish skills before making the journey! Contact us to learn more about the language learning opportunities we offer and how we can take you from “Yo no hablo español” to “Excelente!” If you’ve got insight on a Spanish tourist activity that is a must-do for travelers, share it with our readers in the comments section below.  ¡Hasta Luego!