Word of the Year 2012

It’s the final post of 2012, and what better to write about than the Word of the Year?

Or rather, words. Merriam-Webster, America’s oldest dictionary, announced that for the first time two words made it as the word(s) of the year. Described as a “pairing of a kind”, the words are socialism and capitalism.

Editor at large Peter Sokolowski stated that the two went hand in hand and were often looked up at the same time. It’s thought the words were so prominent because of the health care debate and the presidential election.

Other words that made it in to the top 10 include:

Touche, thanks in part to “Survivor” contestant Kat Edorsson misusing the word to mean “tough luck” rather than “point well made,” before she was voted off the island in May. Look-ups at Merriam-webster.com were up sevenfold this year over 2011.

Professionalism, up 12 percent this year over last. Sokolowski suspects the bump might have been due to the bad economy and more job seekers, or a knowing “glimpse into what qualities people value.” (Source: Huffington Post)