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You’re welcome

I often struggle with what to say after someone has thanked me. Sometimes I just smile and nod. Other times it’s “no worries” (a hangover from living in Australia). Occasionally I say “no problem”. And then there’s “you’re welcome”.

Whenever I catch myself saying “you’re welcome”, I reflect that it makes me sound very American. In the UK it’s not a commonly used phrase, and I must have picked it up living in the States and conversing with my American friends. One writer thinks it’s passé however, and lists some of the many variants:

Sure thing/sure, you bet/you betcha, you got it, that’s why I’m here (shout-out to James Taylor), my pleasure/the pleasure is mine, don’t mention it, not at all, no biggie, no problem/no problema/no probs, of course!, and the all-time favorite of NPR interviewees, thank YOU! (Source: The Chronicle)

He goes on to say he’s starting the “Non-Verbal You’re Welcome” movement, so perhaps my first instinct to smile and nod is correct after all!

What do you say after someone’s thanked you?