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10 Important Words and Phrases for Your Trip to Russia!

Many people often think of the ice and snow when they think of Russia, but others could argue you’ll never see a more celebrated spring and summer than in a country with a long winter. Whether you’re heading to Moscow or St. Petersburg, you’ll be happy to note that Russian accents are all roughly the(…)

4 Places You Simply Have to See While Traveling in Ecuador

Ecuador is a charming country that has been able to attract a healthy stream of tourists, yet is not nearly as crowded as its better-known neighbors. Many visitors go simply to visit the famous Galápagos Islands, missing the sights and sounds of mainland Ecuador. And while every world traveler should visit the land that inspired(…)

9 Things to Pack for Your Trip to Korea

Visiting a friend in Korea can be one of the most interesting cultural experiences you’ll ever have. Korea is a country where beautiful traditional Buddhist temples cohabitate with skyscrapers on every corner. A country where there’s a little something for almost everyone, it’s a great destination to choose for a week away or maybe even(…)

Top 9 Phrases for Traveling in Italy

Ciao Bella! Rome, Venice; so many beautiful places and so much amazing food! Brush up on some key phrases here! 1. Allora – Umm. You’ll here this absolutely everywhere you go and it’s such a beautiful way to buy yourself some thinking time before launching into the rest of your well-practiced Italian. 2. Scusi or Permesso(…)

The 7 Strangest Foods to Eat in Spain

If you’re planning a vacation to Spain you probably have a full agenda. If you’re going to Barcelona, a visit to at least one of Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces will surely be a highlight of the trip. Going to Madrid? No doubt you’re excited about visiting a world-class museum of spending the afternoon people watching in(…)

Top 10 Phrases for Your Trip to Spain

Barcelona and Madrid may bring to mind sunshine, sangria, beautiful people dancing flamenco and other gorgeous Spanish sights. The food, the people and the beautiful country make this an amazing destination for tourists of every age, and the language can be one of the most beautiful parts of your trip. Though quite a few people(…)

Top 10 Phrases to Learn Before Your Trip to Thailand

Whilst many bars, restaurants, accommodations and attractions will have English speaking staff in the major tourist areas, you may run into problems in more off the beaten track and rural destinations in Thailand if you cannot speak a little bit of the local language. Some key points to remember are that if you are male(…)

Full Immersion Italian Lessons in Esino Lario, Italy

Here at Listen & Learn we enjoy receiving feedback from both students and teachers. Upon finding out that one of our teachers offers both courses and the chance to stay in an Italian village near Lake Como, we decided it was time to hear from her: Ciao a tutti, bonjour! I’m Alessandra a bilingual teacher.(…)

10 Helpful Phrases for Tourists in Germany

Germany is one of the most beautiful counties I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. Within one city you can find the most amazing mixture of new and old architecture, museums devoted to some of the darkest periods of history, light-hearted coffee houses, and street entertainers mixed in with underground pubs. If you find yourself(…)