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Twitter’s Biggest Celebrities Have The Baddest Grammar

When potentially good tweets go grammatically bad, it sends a little shiver of sadness through the education system’s hearts and minds. Not to mention a tinge of embarrassment across the cheeks of some celebrity parents. These five famous stars have all been in the public spotlight lately; not for their successful careers, but because of the terrible grammar they use on Twitter, which has earned them a spot on our ‘Top Five’ list of notoriously bad celeb grammar:

"Snoop Dogg by Bob Bekian" by Bob Bekian - Snoop Dogg. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Snoop Dogg – Rapper

Snoop Dogg, an old-school American rapper has made his fortune in the music business, and proceeded to invest it wisely. He has since amassed a $135 million dollar empire. One thing that is obvious about Snoop Dogg’s tweets, is that punctuation and proper grammar are far from his everyday worries:

2. Miley Cyrus – Pop Star

Miley Cyrus, daughter of the famous country western singer Billy Ray Cyrus, rose to fame in tween culture by playing the popular character Miley Stewart on the hit Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana. Now that she is in her twenties, she’s rebelling from her Disney persona, and is currently infamous for joining and exploiting the twerking craze in the early 2000’s. Miley Cyrus’ grammar and punctuation – let alone her off-color language – have no resemblance what-so-ever to Miley Stewart’s old grammatical habits.


 3. Shaquille O’Neal – Basketball Legend

Shaquille O’Neal spent 8 famous seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers between 1996 and 2004, winning three championships in the process. After leaving the Lakers, O’Neal went on to play for the Miami Heat, winning his fourth championship. He also later played for the Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and finally the Boston Celtics before announcing his retirement in 2011. Shaq is now a wealthy entrepreneur who successfully sells his brand to the sum of millions each year. One thing that Shaq is not known for though, is proper grammar in his tweets; except of course when he is selling his wares on Twitter.

4. Kendall Jenner – Model

Kendall Jenner is a reality show spinoff celeb that has gained notoriety as part of the Kardashian family on the E! Reality television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. At 19 years old, Jenner is already slightly loaded herself with a reported 3 million dollars in net worth. Unfortunately, along with a lot of young stars these days with wealthy or famous family members, her grammar tends to sound like she grew up on the streets of poverty.

5. Jessica Alba – Actress  

Jessica Alba might be smoking hot and have a successful acting career that includes the Fantastic Four franchise, but one thing about her life that’s notoriously not fantastic, is her atrocious grammar skills on Twitter. Jessica’s main Twitter malfunction is that she leaves one letter out of key words to save room, and then fills her tweets so full of #hashtags,  that she has to resort to “letter code” for the rest of her message. (C b Low)


All these celebrities are very successful and talented people in their own rights – perhaps money and grammar skills do not go hand-in-hand as much as one might think. Whatever the reasons, we certainly haven’t seen the last of this kind of notoriously bad celebrity grammar on Twitter. What is perplexing though, is how easily these stars switch from marketing their products and brands in perfect grammar, and then revert back to what could be compared to street slang.

Bad grammar rarely ever has its place in business, even on Twitter, and especially when speaking in a foreign language. Contact Us at Listen & Learn for language classes in your area – don’t let your foreign language business tweets and emails become the next Internet article on ‘Bad Twitter Marketing Grammar’.