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Foreign Language Grammar vs. Vocabulary: What’s More Important?


  When learning a foreign language for whatever reason, mistakes are going to be made. Which of those are worse – grammar or vocabulary? And which is more important to learn, initially?   Explore our tailored language courses in your city or online!   Grammar’s Role in Speaking a Foreign Language   Grammar is an(…)

Twitter’s Biggest Celebrities Have The Baddest Grammar


When potentially good tweets go grammatically bad, it sends a little shiver of sadness through the education system’s hearts and minds. Not to mention a tinge of embarrassment across the cheeks of some celebrity parents. These five famous stars have all been in the public spotlight lately; not for their successful careers, but because of(…)

Tag questions

We use tag questions all the time without realising it – “you’re meeting me at the car right?” or “that was interesting, wasn’t it?” An interesting article on Boston.com explores the usage of tag questions. The slight upward inflection on the final word of the sentence gives these sentences extra meaning. Linguists see these questions(…)

The Great Typo Hunt

Some people are more fastidious about correct spelling and grammar than others. Then there are those that take their passion for correction to a new level – like Jeff Deck and Benjamin D. Herson. Deck and Herson travelled around the perimeter of America, looking for typos and attempting to correct them. And now they’ve written(…)

English speakers unable to understand basic grammar

A study conducted at Northumbria University, England, has shown that many native English speakers are unable to understand elements of basic grammar. The project used sample sentences and tested a wide range of adults, including some postgraduate students, asking the participants to identify the meaning of the sentences. Noam Chomsky’s theory of universal grammar assumes(…)